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Now a teacher will be suffering from Ui-guk?  What, Sam's so good that I worry about not swearing. Hahaha.  Sorel the stars.  He woke up with a smile. Eventually did not send the first snow. The day to beat her will come, now it was just a far cry.  Later in the afternoon, after the round, Kyung-jin was wearing a formal suit. I put up the collar of a snow-white shirt, put on a blue tie, and put on a beloved diamond tie pin. He wore a cufflink, a set like a tie pin, on both sleeves, and wore dark suits top and bottom. As he went out of consciousness with a firm look, he heard Dong-wook's words from behind.  Are you going to Yongin?  Although he paused for a moment, Kyung-jin went out without any response. After Kyung-jin went out, Dong-wook turned to look at the calendar. Today was Kyung-in's birthday, and he knew he would go to Yongin where his mother's ossuary would be on every birthday unless there was anything special.  Have a nice day. Best regards.  No one

Somehow laughed out

Park Jong's favorite person, but it was a different person. It's not our chief Sam.  What? Then who?  Hang-a, a little reluctant to mention her friend's personal life, hesitated for a while, but Dong-wook finally opened her mouth.  I am chief plastic surgeon Park Jun-woo. You must have mistaken the same Park Chipra.  what?  Dong-wook's eyes floated as large as a tray, and the elasticity screamed. Astonished Donguk did not shut his mouth sat empty. I was surprised at his sensitive reaction.  Why are you so surprised?  haha! Then I ........... I made a mistake.  His eyes shook violently. Pieces of thought that piled up in my head one by one began to fit into each other. All of a sudden, it was open to eyes and this series of events began to be understood.  ......... That was it.  Now I could see. Kyung-jin first learned that. When I realized that, cold sweat flowed all over my body and my heart beating like crazy. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back to r