Now a teacher will be suffering from Ui-guk?
 What, Sam's so good that I worry about not swearing. Hahaha.
 Sorel the stars.
 He woke up with a smile. Eventually did not send the first snow. The day to beat her will come, now it was just a far cry.

 Later in the afternoon, after the round, Kyung-jin was wearing a formal suit. I put up the collar of a snow-white shirt, put on a blue tie, and put on a beloved diamond tie pin. He wore a cufflink, a set like a tie pin, on both sleeves, and wore dark suits top and bottom. As he went out of consciousness with a firm look, he heard Dong-wook's words from behind.
 Are you going to Yongin?
 Although he paused for a moment, Kyung-jin went out without any response. After Kyung-jin went out, Dong-wook turned to look at the calendar. Today was Kyung-in's birthday, and he knew he would go to Yongin where his mother's ossuary would be on every birthday unless there was anything special.
 Have a nice day. Best regards.
 No one listens, Dong-wook muttered alone. While we went together every year, this year, I understand that Gyeong-jin doesn't let go. How could he heal the Kyung-in, who was sorely wounded by his hard-working, but he had no idea yet.
 Kyung-jin, who pulled her car up the mountainside, was climbing up the mountain trail with her eyes on the grass. He was holding in his hand a small envelope of soju bottles. A landscape familiar with his gaze raised his head. A round rod was erected on a hill, in which the remains of his mother were buried. His steps are a little faster.
 Standing in front of Bongbun, he took out a cup of soju and a cup of paper from the envelope he was holding and placed it on top of a glass. The incense burned with a lighter, and straight up, Jin-jin overlooked Bongbun and made two large temples. His gestures were solemn and tidy. At the end of the ritual, Kyung-jin sprayed the remaining wine on the grave and sat down next to it. The sunset glows red over the ossuary on the sunny side of the mountain. Flowing scarlet clouds made my mind sour. He opened his mouth as he watched the sun.
 Mother, I'm here. How you doing?
 The view of Bongbun was nice, but I was worried that my mother would be lonely sometimes.
 Dong-wook did not come this time ............. Yes, I fought. Right.
 He grabbed the weeds from the ground and plucked them. It's still awful, but as the day gets cold, the grass will soon wither.
 There was someone who wanted to come together this time. But .... that's it.
 His grazing hand stopped. The lump that comes up in my heart. Tried to swallow, but soon poured into tears. The water dripping down his eyes and finally dripping dripping the ground black.
 Toduk. Toduk.
 He wept without making a sound. Kyung-jin was the only one who could bring out sorrow and sadness that had never been seen before. But he was not a man of this world.
 I believed it wasn't him. Did your mother do the same? Was this painful, miserable and shabby like a tearing heart?
 A weak mother who knew that someone who had loved and believed enough to walk for a lifetime deceived herself and could not overcome her betrayal. Father's betrayal and mother's sudden suicide that hurt him so much. Since that day he has not believed in love. There was no eternal love. There was no true love. The love the mother believed in has changed, and the love he believed was not true.
 Word says I understand my mother's feelings, but it wasn't. Now, now ... I know a little bit. How does it feel to realize that someone who believed in me like me and thought it was mine wasn't actually that?
 The wind blew and thumped his chest. The empty chest wants to fill something up, but instead comes full of sadness. I was lonely.
 My mother, though .. He hurts me, but I'm not sick. Just passing by, I'm actually happy. I told you not to come near me, and I'm happy enough to see you every time I see you. Like a fool.

 He touched his cheeks tenderly, as if the mother's hand was carried by the wind. The smile looked lonely as if I had resigned. It was such a strong face that now seemed to break like a soft glass doll with a crisp sound. He was full of sorrow.
 Good child. Good and sweet. Laughter can't be that nice. He does nothing wrong, why can't I forgive me? Yes, mother? ........ But if you think that he cares about someone other than me for a while, it looks like blood is rising upside down. I think I'm going crazy.
 A mother with such eyes, I thought I would not be myself, but I also put only one person in my heart like my mother. Tear dipped from his eyes and wet his face. Every time a hot tear sprang up, his chest was hurting. Miss you. I missed you. I missed you mad. I wanted to hug. I wanted to kiss. I wanted to hug it with both arms. I want to make mine I wanted to have it again. I could not give it to anyone. To anyone. Can't Give, Can't Give, Can't Give ........
 Yes, I will. Until the fierce waves finally calm down and sink calmly. Even if the wind flows like a passing wind, nothing will happen. Someday ... yes, someday.
 It wasn't until the sunsets and darkness settled that he broke off and stood up. His face calmly subsided as if he had shaken some of his burden. In a lowly calm voice, he said goodbye to his mother's plague.
 I will come again next time. Good-bye.
 As he turned back down the dim mountain road, his shoulders sunk slightly. As the sun passed over the hills on the hill.

 In the deep night, Jong-jong sat quietly in front of his desk, with a brightly lit stand. I didn't study and didn't sleep either. Just open your eyes. On his lap was his t-shirt. Now it was only that piece of cloth that made her feel his scent, but it was strange enough. As he hugged his chest, the snowman put it on his cheek. In her small breasts, all kinds of complex sentiments passed by. I can not bear tormented at one side, funny and sad.
 After listening to Hang-ah, she learned a great deal about the explosive behavior of Kyung-jin. Even though she was so hungry for sorrow, she was very upset and angry that he never told him why, but even now, she was able to understand something.
 But the resolution of the problem was still a long way. He cut her off with a dagger and was acting like someone never to see again. Today, a new chief was elected from the empire, so Kyung-jin has now resigned from the bureau of medicine. At the end of the fourth year, no one would say anything, even if he didn't go to the hospital on the excuse that he would concentrate on a specialist exam. In other words, if he made his mind, the relationship between them could end forever.
 Seoljong stroked the heart that was coming. I thought I might never see him again. Terrible fears had tightened my belly. The tears were about to fill. Painful feelings, a mixture of longing and sadness, grief and loss, bothered her. I didn't know it was so precious when I held it in my hand. 부평출장안마 She wondered how she could get him back. Is there such a way, but I felt desperate.
 Seoljong reached out, opened the desk and took out the elongated box inside. I opened the lid more slowly than swept it. Inside the box was a fountain pen. Today I came to Kyung-jin's birthday, what I ordered the other day to give him.
 Even when I ordered this gift, I never imagined that their relationship would be so twisted. Like a fountain pen that can be used for a long time, I thought their minds would. I imagined that the calligraphy, Jin-jin, would write a chart or write something with this pen and hug a bulging chest like a balloon.
 But now it is a difficult thing to dare. He was terribly closed before he could open the door of love properly. Standing in front of the closed door, the snowman was wandering like a lost child. She closed the box with lonesome eyes and put it back in the drawer. I hope that fountain pen will be able to 부천출장안마 visit my master someday.

She was only upset.

  After the morning round, Seoljong, who went down to the examination room, stopped walking behind the scenes.
  Mr. Kim, let me see.
  Knowing that it was a new chief teacher, Seol turned back in a suspicious eye, and he looked at her and made a difficult speech.
  You know, Kim Jin-woo was hurt by his father this morning.
  Oh, really? Oh, I didn't hear that. So Jinwoo was absent today.
  As the motive of Jinwoo's father passed away, he was surprised by a teacher.
  I was suddenly in touch this morning. But there is a problem. Jinwoo is the first starter who decided to go to work the morning after tomorrow.
  ....... What do you do?
  So, shouldn't Mr. Kim go first?

 Did you have a dinner?
 Hang-a sighed a small sigh at Hang-a's question. The answer was true when I looked at the grim face of the snowman, who had become a new halves for a few days. Hanga seemed worried.
 Would you like to lie down for a second?
 no. I have to go to the intensive care unit.
 When he got out of the office and Hanga stayed alone, Hanga shook his chin and fell into deep thought. I could not think of a good way to restore the relationship between the two terribly twisted. Then, Hanga stared at the dispatch documents on the wall, staring at it and tapping the table with her fingers.
 3rd Kim Seol-jong, 4th Rebellious ........
 The first one was hard to see and the fourth was hard to wash the dishes. Kyung-jin, who knows it, put the extinction in the 3rd most comfortable place. I didn't know anyone, but I knew it. It is hard to express emotions, but the stealth of the diarrhea has always been sensitive to quick-looking girls. Nevertheless, I can't figure out how to heal his broken heart and help my friend.


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