Somehow laughed out

Park Jong's favorite person, but it was a different person. It's not our chief Sam.
 What? Then who?
 Hang-a, a little reluctant to mention her friend's personal life, hesitated for a while, but Dong-wook finally opened her mouth.
 I am chief plastic surgeon Park Jun-woo. You must have mistaken the same Park Chipra.
 Dong-wook's eyes floated as large as a tray, and the elasticity screamed. Astonished Donguk did not shut his mouth sat empty. I was surprised at his sensitive reaction.
 Why are you so surprised?
 haha! Then I ........... I made a mistake.
 His eyes shook violently. Pieces of thought that piled up in my head one by one began to fit into each other. All of a sudden, it was open to eyes and this series of events began to be understood.
 ......... That was it.
 Now I could see. Kyung-jin first learned that. When I realized that, cold sweat flowed all over my body and my heart beating like crazy. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back to refine his spirit. When Dong-wook noticed nothing, Hang-a stood up carefully.
 fountain? Are you okay?
 ........ You're done.
 Dong-wook, who muttered one word, suddenly pulled the bottle forward and started drinking like crazy. One cup, two glasses, three glasses.
 Here are two bottles of shochu!
 I want to get drunk today. You can go to class first.
 At the same time, Dong Wook did not eat properly and drank quickly. So he looked at him with eyes full of worries.

 Seoljong left the bar unconditionally caught the oncoming taxi. Seol-jong, who showed me the memo that Dong-wook wrote, stared with exhausted eyes on the night scene of the city, leaning his head on the back seat chair. I didn't really know it, but now I knew how sweet and tender he looked at him.
 Also, how happy and joyful he was and how arrogant he was. Tears struck again in snow. In retrospect, he was always tolerant of his tears. His heart seemed as if he had a sharp edge, but he would fall down in a drop of tears. Seoljong put his hands together and prayed. Please he listen to him. Please don't deny it so cold.
 As the taxi stood in front of his apartment, Jong-jong looked up at the building with a ugly face. After checking the number of floors, she reached the eighth floor and finally stood in front of his house. Pressing the doorbell with a trembling hand, waited a while, I heard the popularity inside. In the fear of noticing himself through the door view on the door, he quickly avoided by the door.
 When he heard his low, calm voice, blue on the breast of the ulcer. His voice longs for tears. I didn't realize it before, but now I know how much she liked his voice. Seoljong reluctantly answered and the door lock rattled and the door opened.
 He stared for a moment with the eyes that she could not believe her appearance at the door. But he was just a minute, and Kyung-jin closed quietly again. The extinction was prevented by inserting the arm between the doors.
 Sam, wait a minute!
 I have a story to talk to. Wait. Yeah?
 Then the door was about to close open. Seol-jin, hoping that he would let him in, threw his fish in the next minute when he swung him with his hand and closed the door. As the odor has risen, the fur rage has soared and the temper has risen. Seoljong did not rest and kept pressing the doorbell knocked on the door.
 Sam, Sam! Can you open the door, yes? Please, come on!
 But he was terrible. I was referring to that loud noise. Later, an excited snowman knocked on the front door and screamed at the whale.
 Hey! Open the door! Don't open soon? Can't open it?
 Judge Judge, half-way to the shout and screamed out of the door next door was unbearable.

 What's going on?
 Oh, you're so noisy, really.
 Seol Jong-eun bows to the neighbors protesting, saying, "I'm sorry, sorry." As she pulled in at random as she pulled in, she stood in front of the porch, sprinkled her arms, stood upright and shot unfortunately. He was staring at her with an angry face.
 Seoljong took off his shoes and plunged into the house. His house was a more spacious and luxurious apartment than I thought, and it was well organized in a calm and meticulous manner. Like a stone statue in the center of the living room, the Seolleong Seok felt strange sadness. I didn't expect to visit his house in this way. With the smell of liquor, I couldn't even imagine waking up all the people next door, taking my master's glance and dragging me into a rough hand. Kyung-in, who was standing at the front door, slowly entered the living room. I took off my shoes indoors and noticed a height difference with him.
 Tell me.
 The whisper opened her mouth. He stood with her back and was silent. Gradually, her heart became sick with his silence and still rejection.
 Reason ............ you can tell me about it.
 Another tear in her eyes. Why does he make himself sick?
 Please teach me. I'll fix it if I'm wrong, huh? If it's a villa, I'd be happy to do it. Just tell me. please!
 Her voice shook thinly. She didn't know, but his lips were shaking as well. Seoljong turned slowly and looked at his back. It was wide and reliable. Her two hands climbed up around her waist and held her back from behind. At the moment, his body became stiff due to tension, but Seoljong put his cheeks on the back of the puff and leaned his head. Kyung-jin's eyes are closed and his mouth is dry.
 Sam, tell me. Tell me what's wrong with me.
 But Kyung-jin took her hand around her waist and slowly removed it.
 There's nothing wrong with you. I just decided to finish.
 Seoljong looked at Kyunghwa with a wounded face and then sat down. Gasping for a short breath, Seol urgently grabbed his leg. Her tears shook her eyes and looked at him. Somewhere deep in the chest of Jinjin has been sick. In order not to be noticed, I bite the molar so tightly that my jaw feels cramped.
 Mouth ....... You guessed it. I did not. I'm not like ..........?
 His lips seemed to say something. But he turned his head, biting his lips to bleed so as not to say a word. The tears from the falling snow soaked the floor.
 Tell me. I like it. So I kissed Yeah?
 Kyung-jin, sighing at the crying voice of Jong-jong, burned her knee and sat on the floor to meet her. It was his eyes for so long. Suddenly a small bud of hope sprouted in the heart of the linger, but the words that came from him trampled the bud terribly.
 Flow like water, as if nothing happened. It was a relationship I shouldn't have started from the beginning. Like that rose. I was giving the wrong emotion that I shouldn't give. So forget it.
 How is it?
 She screamed and refused. But he was stubborn.
 you can do it. Everyone changes. The love that I swore firmly like a rock breaks down eventually. First of all, you liked Park Junwoo until recently, but now you have changed your mind.
 With a staggered look, Seo Jong stared at the jinkyung. When he saw her face full of surprises how he knew it, Kyung-jin laughed bitterly. It was a final confirmation kill, which was also authentic. Somehow laughed out. What did you expect? One in 10,000, one in a thousand, did he want to be true?
 go back.
 He left her and entered the room and locked the door. In the quiet living room, the sound of thumping and closing the front door was dim. She looked back. In the dark, his dark eyes were heavy.

 Hangah was squatting with her legs on her dark sofa in a dark hotel room. Deep in thought, she had no movement. The room was very quiet, and only Dong-wook's deep breaths were sometimes heard in bed.
 She lifted her wrist and watched the clock. 2:20 am I had to go back now to go. Sojong left in search of Kyung-jin, and Hanga had a drink with Dong-wook. As if he was abusing or punishing himself, he was so surprised that he would not go home.
 Later, even when I couldn't keep my body, I kept compelling him to find alcohol, dragged me out and pushed me to the hotel next to me, lying on the bed. Nevertheless, she hesitated because of the long stories 인천애플 Dong-wook told her. She closes her eyes and reflects on the words that flowed out of his lips.
 Dong-wook and Kyung-jin met when they were in their second year of middle school. Playful Dong-wook and Kyung-jin, a model student, were strangely beaten and soon became friends. Both of them studied well and alternated first and second school and entered the same high school. At that time, however, Dong-wook realized that he was an extramarital, or illegitimate child. His father was a well-known politician who all knew.
 The fort comes out on TV. Funny? Why don't politicians retire? I don't want to see it, but I have to keep watching.
 Even though he was little by little, Dong-wook, who maintained his friendship with Kyung-jin and was still in high school, went into the family as soon as his mother died of cancer in his second year of high school.


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